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Using RSO Oil For Cancer (Rick Simpson Oil)

From Death Bed To Treatment Plan! Stage 4 Cancer From Death Bed To Treatment Plan! Stage 4 Cancer

On monday morning feb. 23 Charlie had his follow-up CT scan of his torso from his neck to below the pelvic area to have a look at the status of the lymphatic growths; later in the day the hematologist, Dr. Yau & his nurse Harpreet, stopped by Charlie's room to deliver the results. It was quite comical watching a well mannered, smart, articulate, shorter Asian man trying, almost nervously, to give us the good news with jokes thrown in nonetheless!! The bottom line is that the size of the tumors have decreased significantly! Somewhere in the range between 25-50%......YES!!!

We're all quite thrilled that something is definitely working & now with that report, there's no doubt! Charlie has made a decision regarding his next plan of action & would like everyone to know that it's his decision to stay on at the PLC in Calgary for at least one more round of chemo providing he's allowed to continue his Phoenix Tears treatment. And to that he was met with no resistance from the medical team!! Another YES!!!

Continued... Continued...

So guys, awesome news!! Charlie's no longer in hospital to die, but for treatment & be rehabilitated to the point where he's healthy enough to get out of hospital & become an out-patient, whether in Alberta or Ontario shouldn't matter as long as the results remain positive. So regarding our personal wishes of transferring Charlie to Ontario; altho they should not be abandoned, Charlie would like that we support his decision to further the positive results he's getting from his current hematology team at the PLC along with his alternative treatment program. This program is now well underway & requires Charlie to sleep allot more for the healing effects to take place; the ultimate wish being that one day Charlie can/will stop the chemotherapy & continue on with Phoenix Tears along with healthy eating, positive support from all, and most of all, which is already present, his willingness to fight with a positive attitude!

Taking High CBD Oil for Grade 4 Dysrhythmia (Seizures)

My Son Has Grade 4 Dysrhythmia (Seizures)

Ok. I'm posting this... it's a huge step for me to be honest.

I'm the mom of the 4 yr old that Jerry Martin worked very hard with us to get approval.

Issue, seizures that we are certain has been caused by a pineal cyst.

Rushed him in, in June to emergency as we couldn't wake him. Yadda yadda yadda...they ruled out stroke...Tia. ..trauma.....
MRI in Sept showed a 10 mm pineal cyst.

Went through keppra with NO improvement with his myoclonic seizures. Had approached 3 doctors for the oil. No. We were told that the risks were too high ( but the next med could have long term permanent liver damage or temporary hair loss..... so much better ...inserted sarcasm)

The oil has had dramatic results. We r down from roughly 10 seizures in 15 min...to 10 in a day. We have our lives back. Our nightmare has a shed of light through the clouds.

Canada deems the pineal cyst as an incidental findings and I only know of one removal in Canada. Sufferers go to the states for removal due to the risks. It is dead center of the brain.


There is no guarantee that this cyst is benign. Only a 99% 'guarantee'.

We are eternally grateful to you Jerry and Martin Medical Services.

Next MRI is scheduled for April. We have pushed off other testing to hear the outcome of MRI. If there is growth, then it's possibly another airplane trip to Calgary, or maybe even Toronto for the testing. However I am hopeful for obvious reasons that MRI shows a reduction in size...not only for my son, but I believe it would be a huge turning point for the facts about CBD oil and may help push it for legalization.

My GP is angry and concerned that we went this route but when I told her of the research it did and the facts shown with my son, she wanted me to send her information.

I've really been wanting to share this with someone, and I know there Are parents at a loss like we were. Feel free to pm me or privately get me in touch with parents of kids suffering from seizures. I do not want my name splattered all over the Internet yet,and I apologize for the novel, but people need to know the facts from someone who was dead set against the plant...until I saw the facts and results.

Taking High CBD Oil for TSC - Tuberours Scleriosis Complex

Kiera Has TSC - Tuberours Scleriosis Complex Kiera Has TSC - Tuberours Scleriosis Complex

Hi Jerry...We are ready to talk with Kiera's doctors to start trying to wean off one of her 4 anti seizure medications. But before we do that we need to make sure that we have the oil we need to keep giving her. I don't want to change anything till I know we can keep up with the oil. Thanks again for everything.

She counted to 10 the other day and sang her abc's the whole song all on her own. She has a longer attention span at school and is talking more and more everyday!!! She is starting to make to process faster and I think that if we could get her off some medications that would improve even more.

Here is a picture she colored the other day. She spent 20 minutes coloring it. The longest she has ever sat for anything, other than Barney. Lol. I really don't even know how to thank you.

Kiera has Tuberours Scleriosis Complex (TSC) which causes tumors to grow on all of her major organs. Brian, heart, kidneys, lungs, eyes, skin. The ones in her brain have caused her to have sever intractable epilepsy and development delay.

Owner Jerry Martin has been supplying the medicine at no cost to Kiera and spent nearly 2 years locating a manufacturer of the much needed medicine for Kiera. He has never met Kiera or her family.

Kiera Having A Seizure

Here is a short video of keira and one of her seizures. She could go like this sometimes for up to 6 hours then end up in ICU because they have had to drug her south to stop it.

Kiera is now doing well. She has about 2 seizures a day at school. Both under 30 seconds. She was having 15-20 each day at school. Sometimes a 100...Big difference.

Taking High Cannabis Oil Infused With Coconut Oil As A Suppository

Dale - Prostate Cancer Dale - Prostate Cancer

Hi Jerry...After taking the cannabis as a suppository oil you sent me for 2 weeks, I no longer have to have my prostate removed as it is now showing it is benign!


It also helps with sleep greatly. I can't thank you enough Jerry.