Cold Pressed Cannabis Oils Infused With Organic Coconut Oil

Science Has Proven That Cold Pressing Cannabis Extracts Creates a Much Safer, Cleaner, Healthier and Stronger Medicine Than Conventional Alcohol Extraction Methods.

BHO Extraction (Butane Hash Oil)

Pure THC CBD Extract $2000 Per Ounce

Coconut Cannabis Oil $1000 = 30 Grams - Full 12 Grams of Pure BHO Made From 1 Quarter Pound Bud - (Half Pound Version Available)

This is Comparable to Rick Simpson's Oil in Strength

Cannabis Oils Treat A Variety of Disorders Including Pain, Cancer, Glaucoma, Lymes Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Addiction, and Fibromyalgia.

Our cannabis oils are made from the highest quality buds off the marijuana plant. While trim (the excess from the plant after its buds have been harvested and trimmed) can be used to create oil but we find that using only the "bud" or flower makes a much more potent and effective medicine. Each 1 month supply of coconut cannabis oil contains a quarter pound of high grade marijuana.

Martin Medical Services & CBD Dispensaries create this particular type of cannabis oil extract through the BHO process. We will only use 7x refined or higher butane gas to cold extract the cannabis oils insuring your medicine is safe for use. All of our marijuana oils are then "purged" using a professional "degassing machine" to ensure all gases and impurities are 100% dissipated.

The final step is to infuse the pure cannabinoid extract with organic coconut oil to make it easier to ingest and put into foods etc. Be aware the base (cannabis oil) created by this process is extremely potent unlike conventional alcohol extraction methods.

Dosage: 1 Gram Per Day (Split Into 3 Dosages Throughout The Day)

Haven't Has Chemotherapy Yet? 1 gram per day for only 60 days! Then a drop a day for maintenance.

Had Chemotherapy? 1 gram per day for 120 to 180 days. We need to repair the damage done by chemotherapy. Then a drop a day for maintenance.

Remember chemotherapy it only has a %3 success rate! If you have not had chemotherapy yet we highly recommend trying a cannabis oil treatment first.

We Vacuum Purge All Of Our Cannabis Oils To Ensure Your Safety And Health.

Example Of Vacuum Purging

Brain Cancer Cured! 8 Months Old